This Dog and Baby are the Perfect Partners-in-Crime


Dogs and babies are the perfect combination. There is just no duo more adorable, more compatible, or more charming as a dog playing with a human baby.

Perhaps this is because dogs are “man’s best friend” that dogs become the perfect partner in crime.

Take John Wick, for example. Scooby Doo and Shaggy. Clifford and Emily.

All these duos are iconic not only because of their good teamwork but also because they are of different species.

And one dog just proves to be the perfect partner with a baby in real life.

This dog plays along with the little tyke, sneaking around the house in secrecy, like burglars silently lurking in the corridors.

Despite being caught, the dog continues to follow the baby’s footsteps, sneaking around for as long as the baby does.

Watch these partners-in-crime here.