This Baby Perfectly Represents Us in the Morning


Mornings are tough. Especially for night owls like us who spend our nights and dawns on Netflix, watching the latest series and Korean dramas, or just binge-watching music videos of our favorite artists.

There is always something to do on the internet and the more we watch, the less we get sleepy. Any time before midnight is still too early to sleep.

So we wake up the next day and regret the late nights as we see the dark circles under our eyes in front of the mirror. Then evening comes, and we do the exact same thing again.

It doesn’t matter how many cups of coffee you drink – if you are not an early riser, chances are you sit up on your bed when the alarm rings, push the snooze button, sit still for a few moments as you try to fight off the drowsiness, then somehow convince yourself you still have five minutes and drop back on the bed like a cold corpse.

Then you wake up, and to your horror, you realize you’ve woken up an hour later instead of five minutes.

All the drowsiness then leaves your body as you stand up and take a shower, change clothes, dry your hair, eat your breakfast, doing all this lightning-fast. Because if you don’t, you might miss that bus or get stuck in the morning rush hour’s traffic.

Mornings are tough.

Somehow, this baby has perfectly captured what it is like for us to wake up in the morning, complete with our bed hair and annoyed expressions at waking up (because, really, who gets happy at waking up?).

She also grunts at sitting up before closing her eyes again and falling back down. What a relatable sight.

Do you think this is you as well? Watch this video to find out.