This Baby is Handling Problems Better than Most of Us


Problems are inevitable.

Sometimes, the moment we wake up, a crisis already arises right in front of our faces. And oftentimes, we just stare at the ceiling, wondering how in the world we can face it.

We just might learn something from a toddler.

A video of a baby inside a crib has been going viral in the last few months. If you are wondering why, let me just tell you that this is no ordinary toddler.

While cribs are meant to stop babies from walking (or crawling) around and accidentally stepping on a sharp object or unnecessarily break things, the trick does not work with this one.

It just might be impossible to put this baby in a cage – or in this case, a crib.

The crib has a mattress covering its deck. This little genius pulls it up and lies on his stomach. Then he puts his tiny legs through the space between the rails so he can reach the floor.

He takes tiny baby steps to move the crib towards the bed.

After the crib reaches the bed’s side, he proceeds to stand up and climbs over the side of the crib, falling safely into the soft foam of the bed. Alas! He is free.

Watch the full video here.