This Animal Shelter Uses Mascara Brushes to Comfort Baby Animals


We have good news for all the ladies (and gentlemen) who love makeup and animals at the same time!

If you are one who consumes mascara one stick after another and nonchalantly throws away every piece after it is gone, think twice. They may yet be useful.

Baby animals at a rescue center in Aberdeenshire, Scotland are being comforted from the pain of losing their parents. And guess what the rescuers use? Yep, you guessed it right: mascara brushes.

Hundreds of mascara wands were sent in from all over the world after New Arc Centre in Ellon posted an appeal for donations on social media.

The brushes are as good on feathers as they are on fur and works on young animals, whether it be bunnies or birds.

The rescuers use the brushes to replace the grooming and bonding these young creatures would naturally receive from their parents.

Watch the full video here.