This Actor and a Homeless Woman Formed a Lifelong Friendship


Some angels are born without wings. And they often appear in unexpected places at unexpected times.

Such was the case for Zack. He was an actor who was going through a hard time when he met Mimi, a homeless elderly woman who lived at a Laundromat for 18 years.

Mimi would live off tips given by customers as she helped them with washing and folding their laundry.

When Zack first met her, Mimi helped him with his laundry. This began a lifelong friendship between the two.

Zack once asked Mimi why she was so kind to him. Mimi laughed and answered that years ago, she found herself without a husband, a job, or a home. Her husband of 29 years left her with nothing. Since then, she had been sleeping in a sleeping bag behind the bushes.

One cold and rainy evening, she couldn’t find shelter. A stranger felt sorry for her and allowed her to spend the night at his Laundromat. The next day, Mimi swept the floor and helped the customers with their laundry. The owner was so pleased that he gave her keys to the place.

Today, Zack has acted for the movie The Hangover. He bought Mimi an apartment and is spending for her living expenses.

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