This 3-Year-Old Has the Best Reaction to His Birthday Cake


It’s hard being different.

As much as movies and books romanticize the idea of standing out, of being different from the rest of society, of going against the flow, we all just want to fit in.

Indeed, a nail that sticks out gets hammered down.

Our world is cruel to those who are different, like people with Down Syndrome. They are called names, regarded as less able than those who are ‘normal’. But what we fail to see is how beautiful these people are.

A video of 3-year-old Rhett Flener has been going viral in social media recently. Not because he does some crazy trick of because he paints like Van Gogh. Simply because of his reaction to his family singing Happy Birthday to him.

His face lights up like a sweet little angel as he hears the melody. It is one of the purest things you will ever see.

Watch the full video here.