This 16-Month-Old Baby Can Probably Swim Better Than You


We all have that one friend who’s always the first one to show up at beach trips but never leaves the shallow end of the beach.

Why? Because they can’t swim.

Swimming is one of the many essential life skills we need to have under our belts. Not just so you can get the most out of your next summer vacay, but as a skill for survival.

These parents started Elizabeth young. At only 16 months old, this baby can swim totally on her own!

On one of Elizabeth’s swimming sessions, her parents decided to film it. The baby girl swims to the side of the 2-feet pool, holds on to the gutter and calls out to her mom. Elizabeth’s mom asks her if she’s all done or if she wants to swim towards the stairs to the other side of the pool.

Without hesitation, baby Elizabeth skilfully swims to the middle of the pool, rolls to take a breath, and incredibly reaches the other end of the pool in record-breaking time for a 16-month-old baby!

Even her dad can be heard saying in the background, “I couldn’t believe she actually made it to across the pool!

We feel you dad, we can’t believe it too.

We wouldn’t be surprised this fearless baby will become a swimming Olympic superstar one day!

Watch baby Elizabeth’s impressive feat here.