These Two Seniors Are Best Friends For Life


I’ve had my own share of drifting away with some of my “best friends” who I thought I’d still be having tea parties with when we’re seventy and arthritic.

It’s something that happens to pretty much everyone and while it does leave a little heartbreak and grief, it should help us better appreciate the few who do stick around.

So when we see friendships that go well into gray hairs and age spots, it’s definitely something worth shared and celebrated.

Like these two seniors who are have taken the term “best friends for life” literally, and with style!

A video of these two spunky seniors clad in twinning floral dresses and the exact same high heels dancing to funky music playing in the background recently went viral on Facebook.

When was the last time we had this much fun? These gorgeous ladies are definitely schooling us on how to age gracefully and together with your best friend for life.

They show us that age is just a number and that it is possible for friendships to last a lifetime – if you put in the hard work to meet up, spend time, and have fun together.

If dancing isn’t your jam, then you could maybe go out for a perm together, or sit out at one of your favorite cafés just people watching the entire afternoon away.

Like any other type of relationship, friendships are built on love and commitment to one another. Thanks to these beautiful ladies for reminding us of the beauty of this special bond!

Watch the full video here and enjoy these two dancing seniors together. Share this with someone who you’d like to have this much fun with when you’re gray and old!