These Mountain Goats Are Hands-Down The Best Cliff Jumpers


Mountain climbing has grown in popularity as a hobby in the last few decades as more and more people are becoming increasingly interested in traveling, staying physically fit as well as creating a wider awareness for the earth’s state of natural resources.

This hobby, some consider as sport, is highly technical, involves a lot of risk and will require accredited training, before you can actually acquire a permit to begin your ascent on your mountain of choice.

But these mountain goats are naturally born as the best mountaineers (hence their name) and hands-down the best cliff jumpers. They are considered to be the most sure-footed animals, commonly found on cliffs and ice boulders.

The mountain goat’s hooved feet are made for climbing steep, rocky slopes, and jump perilous cliffs!

In this video by Facebook page Gilgit-Baltistan the Land of Beauty, we see a family of mountain goats making the jump of a lifetime. A deep crevice lies between two cliffs and one wrong step will definitely lead to death.

They make sure, calm, graceful jumps, as if there’s no danger involved at all. The landing is as smooth as the jump and we can only watch in wonder.

You can already tell by now the whole family crosses over to the next cliff safely and that we held our breaths for nothing.

These are mountain goats after all.

They are hands-down the best cliff jumpers you’ll ever see.

Watch this amazing feat by these mountain goats here.