These Hyper Realistic Drawings Will Blow Your Mind


Some of us can only wish we could draw a decent-looking bowl of fruit, when some extremely talented artists can make drawings of animals look like high-resolution photographs.

These artists are masters at hyper-realism, a genre in visual arts that make striking paintings or sculptures look like the real thing. They create illusions by enhancing reality.

In this short clip compilation of amazing hyperrealism artist Ivan Hoo, he showcases his behind the scenes process in creating hyper-realistic masterpieces.

The amount of detail that goes into every drawing is astounding! Every stroke is ridiculously meticulous and is truly the work of a creative genius.

Most of Ivan Hoo’s work feature animals in all their high definition glory. Ivan Hoo’s cat drawings seem to pop out of the page and look like you can almost feel their silky fur against your palm. He even makes the eyes look hauntingly real too - beady, reflective eyeballs, as if they’re staring right at you!

Not to mention his interesting tool choice – Ivan Hoo mostly uses a palette knife to layer on pan pastel pigments on the paper while adding fine details using colored pencils.

We can’t imagine the amount of time and effort this artist must have put into his craft to get to this level of finesse and expertise!

You can spazz out some more by following Ivan Hoo on Instagram at @ivanhooart.

Watch this video of his amazing hyper-realistic drawings and get ready to have your mind blown.