These Clumsy Dogs Are Here To Make Your Day


Dogs, no matter what breed, are one of the most playful pets you can get to add a little more joy to your life.

They can run, jump, and do all sorts of tricks. But some of these energetic canines have an extra flair at being clumsy. (We miss you Loca the special pug.)

We found this video compilation by Facebook page “Funny clip animals” of the clumsiest dogs all over the world and they’re here to make your day.

Watch them skidding off docks, attempt a cartwheel, falling in ponds and pools, slipping off a ledge, and getting mud all over their snouts.

Now don’t go extreme paw patrol like some on the comments section who say these are signs of abuse. These dogs are obviously having the time of their lives! They’re just not as nimble as their feline counterparts and are more prone to funny slips and falls – just like us.

None of the dogs in the video were seriously hurt or injured, so you can go laugh your heart out without any guilt.

It’s stuff like these that help us see the positive side of life and to not take ourselves seriously all the time.

Watch the full video here and let these clumsy dogs cheer you up if you’re having a bad day.