These Childhood Toys And Games Are Worth A Fortune

As any parent would attest, toys can be expensive. From the "it" toy of holiday seasons to costly video games, the playtime of our children is a multi-billion-dollar industry. The worst part is most of these toys end up in the garbage. But before you do any decluttering of the toy room, you might be surprised to know that some toys appreciate in value.

Teddy Ruxpin

YouTube / wickedcooltoys

Some people think Teddy Ruxpin was a little bit creepy. He spoke to little kids using a cassette player in his abdomen. He famously asked people to be his friend while gazing through them with cold, blinking animatronic eyes. Other people love the little proto-robot bear and will pay $500 a pop for one in working condition; more if you have some of the story-time tapes.