These Animals are Making Humans Run for Their Lives


We, humans, consider ourselves as the superior species, standing tall at the top of the food chain.

Maybe it’s because of our ability to speak, or our ability to govern and to form a civilization that has caused us into thinking these ideas.

But in the fight between humans and animals, who do you think would win?

Countless movies have been produced along with varying theories. More often than not, humans still win in this life-and-death, gladiatorial battle.

But what about in everyday life? When a fish suddenly jumps into your boat, or when a cockroach flies around the room feeling like a butterfly?

In moments like these, we lose our confidence as the superior species. We are driven to dire fear for our lives once animals start acting differently from what we want them to.

And the results are nothing short of hilarious.

Watch this video of different encounters between humans living peacefully and animals that go crazy. You will surely laugh your head off.