The Youngest And Cutest Doublehanded Double Dutch Player

A tiny baby who can’t even walk yet is shattering the dreams of every double dutch player.

In this video by Facebook page Cocoa Butter, baby Phoenix, straddled in her baby carrier is playing double dutch doublehanded! This has got to be the cutest game of double dutch ever!

Double dutch alumni claim this was the hardest thing to do in the world (back in their day) and yet this barely-a-year-old baby is slaying it.

Facebook user Danielle Parker commented, “This baby has more talent in its pinky toe than I’ve ever had.”

Seriously, how strong is this baby? She can hold her head up on her own AND double dutch doublehanded in rhythm?

Not to mention she has the cutest double dutch uniform. Shall we make this a thing for every double dutch team around the country? We’re down for some floral overalls and a cute ribbon headband!

Hit us up if you’re in for a training camp for baby Phoenixes where we teach them to turn the ropes like this. Start ‘em young, they say. Who knows, we might be sending them to the Olympic Games 10 years down the line!

Watch the full video here and enjoy 32 seconds of pure cuteness and a potential double dutch legend.

Have you competed in a double dutch game back in the day? Tell us all about your experience in the comments below.