The Paw-fect Workout Partner

Working out isn’t always enjoyable and fun. If it were, no one would be overweight and we’d all be looking like all those Instagram models we see on our feed.

However, there are ways to keep your sweat sessions interesting and one of them is to find a good workout partner.

A good workout partner will push you to do your best and keep you engaged in the workout routine until the last rep.

No you don’t have to get your introvert bum out the door and be social with other humans when you can workout at home together with the paw-fect workout partner – your dog!

In this video by Facebook page Storytrender, we see a lad working out together with his cute pet pug – and they make an awfully adorable tandem! This video is brought to us by Karl’s Jim (gym) and That Pug Pablo.

If you’re looking for some motivation to workout today, this is it.

Put on your favorite athleisure outfit, crank up your EDM playlist on Spotify, get some warm-up exercises going and keep your paw friend nearby. You can do some Bicep Curly Tails, Sit Gups, Pug Squats, Push Gups, and Dead Cute Lifts.

How exactly do you do that? Watch the full workout tutorial here and get your own pug-tastic sweat session going with your paw-fect workout partner.

P.S. You can probably do this with your cats, too. But we will not be responsible if you get swiped and get your eye taken out like Nick Fury.