The Most Well-Trained Dog You Can Find


Training dogs is hard work. It is not something that can be achieved in a day, nor is it something that can be achieved with little patience and determination. Training dogs is tough and troublesome and oftentimes just stretches you to the limits. I know so, as a co-habitant of my sister’s gigantic and overly energetic Labrador Retriever.

The first few weeks since she brought the puppy home, I found it cute and annoying at the same time. Labradors are known for their cheerful nature, and I got to experience it firsthand whenever I go outside.

It’s all fun when you have that kind of energy to play along with it. But it’s a great hassle when you go out for work and this big black dog just jumps on you and ruins your clothes. That is why it’s important to train dogs.

But this is never easy. I remember when my mom became obsessed with The Dog Whisperer because she had no choice but to train the Labrador Retriever. Otherwise, it would end up eating all her garden plants.

So she watched season after season of the show and applied whatever she learned into training the dog. Now, our dog knows how to stop and pray before eating his food, jumping onto the bowl only after we had said ‘Amen’.

Another dog that has caught the attention of many dog owners is one of the most well-trained you’ll ever see. In a video in Facebook, the owner puts a furry ball in front of his dog and continuously gives him different commands.

He starts off by saying “Slowly, slowly” to him and he approaches the ball one very slow step at a time. Then he proceeds by telling him to stay and turn and back up. Each time, the dog follows as he is commanded, even turning away when his owner tells him to not look at it.

Watch the full video here.