The Most Peculiar Public Bathrooms Around The World



A lot of us dislike using public restrooms and sometimes rather waddle all the way home than get in one. But sometimes, nature calls and there’s just no stopping the urge.

But what if the closest public bathroom looks like any of the ones on this list?

In some bathrooms in Tokyo, its users found their urinal experience quite strange. You see – the urinals come with Sega video games that sense your aim and use that as part of an interactive challenge! The choices include wrestling, erasing graffiti and dousing an erupting volcano. Yes, we’re not kidding.

Meanwhile in London, if you’re looking for a bizarre dining and pooping experience, head over to Sketch. When you get to the bathroom, expect not to find what you were expecting. Instead of the regular toilet bowls and urinals, what you’ll find are egg-like pods - and these pods are your toilets, ladies and gentlemen. They’re kind of a futuristic spin on porta-potties if you ask me.

The worst thing that could happen is feeling like doing number 2 while you’re caught in the middle of a busy sidewalk with hundreds of people around you. But if you’re into that sort of thing, there’s another quirky toilet in London that has two-way glass as its walls. This way, no one would even know you’re pooping while people-watching!

Looking for more weird public toilet options for your next trip? Watch the full video by TheRichest here to see more of the world’s most peculiar bathrooms.