The Most Epic DIY Haircut Fails


At one point we’ve all looked at the mirror and thought to ourselves, “I need a haircut”, then, “but I’m too cheap to pay for a hairdresser” and then, “What if I cut my hair myself?” and reach for the nearest pair of scissors and somehow manage to convince ourselves that we’re actually saving our wallet a few bucks. Well, not all the time, hun!

Although DIY haircut tutorials abound across Internetopia, not all of us manage to pull it off successfully and end up with months of putting up with hideously bad bangs because we still can’t afford to have it fixed by a hair stylist.

If you’ve been cutting your own hair for a while now and haven’t suffered anything too drastic, like suddenly looking like old school Cole Sprouse after your DIY chop, then maybe you can give these few girls a crash course on how to properly cut their own hair because what they just did in this video is too unbearable to watch.

Such lovely locks gone to waste… just because they failed to follow properly a ‘cut your own hair’ infographic they found on Pinterest or a ‘DIY side bang’ video they watched on Instagram.

We know the temptation is strong (exhibit A: your photo from when you were 8 years old when you had 1 inch bangs because you thought it would be a nice idea to chop off your own hair), but please put down the scissors for now and think it through.

Watch the full video here to see the most epic DIY haircut fails as a warning to always (if you can) leave the haircut to the professionals.