The German Hotel Run By The Differently Abled


Stadthaus Hotel is located in Hamburg, Germany and it is a hotel manned by the differently abled. It is the most famous integration hotel in all of Europe.

The concept started in 1987 when parents of 8 differently-abled classmates decided they wanted to help their kids find proper work and be able to provide for themselves after finishing school. That project became the Stadthaus Hotel.

After 8 long years, the hotel finally opened – boasting 7 large rooms with an 11-bed capacity. A few years more and they added 6 extra rooms and a buffet bar, making it more popular among larger groups of guests.

The hotel has been doing incredibly well and has earned itself 3 stars!

They have 12 employees, all of them differently abled.

They are a unique bunch with different kinds of disabilities, but they have been able to work together efficiently and have kept the hotel running in tiptop condition!

They form teams of three and organize the tasks among themselves by what they like the most and what they do best.

Most of the rooms and all common spaces in this hotel are wheelchair friendly, suitable for differently abled guests.

Standthaus Hotel can proudly say that they have a room occupancy of 80%, showing that society has become more supportive and open to including differently abled individuals as functioning, contributing members of the workforce.

Watch the full feature video of this amazing German hotel here.

If you want to support or learn more about this social enterprise, you can also visit the hotel’s official website here.