The Funniest Zoo Sea Animals

Trips to the zoo were my favorite excursions as a child.

The zoo was a fascinating place, filled with different animals I couldn’t remember all the names of. It was an awesome experience seeing the great tigers and lions up close, the tall giraffes, the playful monkeys, and admiring the sheer size of giant crocodiles.

But the most memorable trips to the zoo are when these wild animals actually interact with you!

In this video by Facebook page Wonderful Earth, we will see a funny compilation of clips of zoo sea animals who had a splash entertaining kids with their sense of humor.

A beluga whale bumps the glass wall exactly where a kid’s face is pinned against that sent the poor child running and screaming. A baby seal pretends they have a slapping match with a young boy and wow, his acting is surprisingly so on point.

A collective ‘awww’ can be heard as a bunch of seals climb over one another on top of a man-made water slide and one by one went down together with the gentle stream of water. Excited squeals fill the arena as a whale makes a powerful whip of his tail and splashes the entire audience.

Nobody saw all of these funny antics coming and that is exactly why this is so entertaining to watch. Maybe it’s time to indulge your inner kid again and take a trip to the zoo this weekend.

Watch the full video here and you’ll wish you were there with them to enjoy these funny zoo sea animals.