The Dancing Miniature Horse


Miniature horses are exactly what their name suggests – short, small horses!

Miniature horses are generally bred to interact well with people and these friendly horses are usually kept as family pets.

But have you ever seen a dancing miniature horse?

In this Facebook video by Storytrender, a majestic, white, miniature horse is showing off its cool dance moves!

She gets up on her hind legs, gives a slight nod, and starts pumping her arms and stomping her legs on the snow-covered ground, with her gorgeous mane swaying to the breeze.

If you have the yard space to keep a miniature horse, go ahead and get one! They are quite resilient creatures, often living longer on average than some full-sized horse breeds. You can keep them as companion pets for 25-35 years, a long time to make great dance-off memories.

If you’re not yet convinced why miniature horses are the best additions to your pet family, watch the full video of this cute dancing miniature horse here, and let her charm her way to your heart.