The Cutest Creatures on the Internet


Sometimes, the only thing that keeps me on the internet (aside from work) is cute animal videos. There is literally nothing more wholesome and worth the time than watching little kittens with their cute little paws and cute little nose, doing something totally random and normal like yawning or meowing.

Because, let’s be honest, very few humans are that cute.

One does not have to be an animal lover or pet owner to appreciate the adorable squishiness that these little creatures bring. It makes you so gigil (a Filipino word that has no English translation but encapsulates the feeling of wanting to squeeze something because it is so adorably cute).

Whether it’s a grumpy Siamese cat sitting on top of a glass table or a certain dog from Belfast, Ireland that “cannot feckin’ run”, one can never have enough of innocent eyes and tiny pink paws. And one cannot help but love them.

Although a good percentage of these videos is composed of cats and kittens and dogs and puppies, there are a lot of different species that will satisfy your ‘cute bone’. There are pandas getting clingy to their zookeeper.

There are tiny bunnies that look like stuffed toys (Do not get deceived. Bunnies are evil creatures that bite you. Believe me, I know). There are even little piglets that you would never imagine to eat someday (unless you’re a vegetarian).

One of the non-cat and non-dog videos that have captured the hearts of so many netizens is a video of guinea pigs fighting over food.

Whether it’s a slice of cucumber or a piece of string bean or a strip of carrot, these cute little rodents just want the food all to themselves.

And guess what?

One of the is called Ponyo, after Hayao Miyazaki’s girl-goldfish character. What a way to complete its cute image.

Watch the full video here.