The Craziest Shoes You’ll Ever See


You’d think a shoe wearing a price tag of $26,000 is crazy enough? Erm, say Air Max “Back To The Future”?

Think again.

Here are some of the world’s craziest shoes ever made:

  1. The Hamburglar’s Favorite Kicks 

In 2008, Nike commissioned 7 people to reinterpret one of their iconic shoe lines. Swedish designer Olle Hemmendorff came up with the craziest take on the classic Air Max 90 – to make it look like a Big Mac!

  1. Cheer Bear Pumps 

Some people have made it their life mission to design weird shoes. Kayla Stojek, owner of Zombie Peep Show, is one of them. She’s also the mastermind behind these Cheer Bear Pumps, a pair of platform heels that feature a fuzzy bear on the front, lace trim, a faux fur heel, and a custom-made see through acrylic platform heel.

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