The Best DreamWorks Animation Films of All Time


Animated movies are not just for children. Despite its themes (talking dogs, dragons, and fairy tale creatures) and target audience, I have come to realize that these so-called ‘children’s movies’ are actually more enjoyable to watch as adults. And in an industry that is being dominated by Disney, few competitors have been able to produce quality at par with the animation mogul.  DreamWorks Animation is arguably the most threatening competitor to Disney, and here are some of their most beloved films:

Prince of Egypt

One would never know that this movie is already 20 years old, with its breathtaking 2D animation and its excellent script. Taken from the story of Moses in the book of Exodus, Prince of Egypt has become one of the most successful religious films of all time. This movie also grabbed an Academy Award for Best Original Song. Hands down, this is the movie with the best soundtrack ever (sorry, Frozen).


Everybody loves this green, ill-tempered ogre who is ‘so wrapped up in layers’, especially adults. This parody of all fairy tales put into one hilarious film has captured the hearts of animation lovers since 2001. Shrek has become the favorite and most renowned film of DreamWorks up to today. This is a movie you will surely love more when you’re an adult and understand all the jokes incorporated into this masterpiece.

How to Train Your Dragon

This movie revolves around the friendship of an unlikely Viking and a small but greatly feared dragon. Hiccup, the son of the chief of their tribe, is a lanky boy with a desire to prove himself as a Viking. He catches the fiercest species there is, a Night Fury, but ends up releasing him. Their forbidden friendship has warmed the entire world with the loyalty they display for one another. Due to its great success, it has released two more films, making the world of Vikings and dragons into a trilogy. I must say, the books are very beautiful as well.

Watch this video to find more of DreamWorks Animation’s most beloved and successful films.