The Best Cat vs. Dog Moments Caught on Camera


The phrase “fight like cats and dogs” can be taken quite literally: fight violently.

This idiom was born from observing the natural tendency of cats and dogs to become aggressive towards each other. It may be because they communicate in different ways.

Dogs love chasing smaller animals who like to flee, a common instinct among cats. Most cats just use their agility to run away from a dog, while others bring out their inner sass and may hiss, arch their backs, and swipe at their canine opponents. Should the cat succeed, some dogs may be scarred for life and become terrified of cats.

If you’ve ever owned any cats and dogs that lived together, you know exactly what these fights look like – some sassy tail-grabbing, violent wrestling, vicious teeth-gnarling, and an awful lot of barking.

Despite the seeming violence, they don’t necessarily intend to hurt each other. In fact, we’ve had quite a few fits of laughter from watching these cats and dogs pick at each other, often ending in funnily awkward falls and jumps.

Lucky for us, some of these cat and dog fights have been caught on camera – a precious treasure box of funny moments we can open anytime we need a dose of good vibes and giggles.

We found this video compilation on Facebook page Dog memes that had people in the comments section reminiscing their own encounters with their pets. We guarantee it’s an awful lot of fun and will be worth your while.

Watch the full video here to see the best cat vs. dog moments caught on camera.