The Art Of The Sushi Samurai

In Japan, sushi making is almost sacrilegious.

It is considered one of the most patronized art forms in the Japanese culinary scene.

Sushi chefs go through rigorous and strict training from their sushi sensei so they can perfect their sushi making techniques to the T. Sushi chefs have to master fish preparation, knife cutting, and plating, among many other things.

The whole process is practically a gastronomic performance. Many sushi restaurants have private sushi bars where guests get to see their chefs making sushi magic in front of them.

Sure, an experience like that is truly one for the books. However, it comes with a hefty price tag.

For those of us who can’t spend $100 dollars for 5-star sushi as a weekly night out but want to see the art of the sushi samurai up close and personal, Ryan the sushi man comes to the rescue.

In his Instagram account (follow him on @ryansushiofficial), Ryan features mouth-watering shots of fresh, glistening, premium salmon being cut up in the most precise, even portions of sushi. (We are still waiting for the day we can download food over the internet!) It’s both a visual and gastronomic treat.

Like many Japanese restaurants that treat sushi seriously, presentation is an important part that you can never skimp on. Everything has to be on point. Zucchinis julienned in fine even strips, cucumbers cut perfectly fanned out, the salmon pieces rolled elegantly into a rose, and sushi rolls evenly cut into bite-sized colorful pieces.

See this and more in this clip compilation  of Ryan’s sushi samurai awesomeness.