Teaching Baby And Dog A Lesson On How To Share

What if there was only one cookie left? Would you share it? Or will you gobble it up for yourself?

This was the lesson baby Abram and Haru the Shiba Inu was about to learn for today.

Dad set out a cookie for both students to see who grabs it first. Abram and Haru give it a stare-down, and eventually Abram is the first one to put his tiny fingers around the butter cookie and shoves it into one big munch. It almost doesn’t fit in his small mouth!

Haru looks on at Abram’s snack, patiently waiting if he gets one, too.

Dad repeats the exercise and uses two cookies instead.

He sets out one in front of Haru, and another in front of Abram. The little human cookie monster immediately reaches for the cookie in front of Haru and gives it a bite. He takes the cookie in front of him, too and puts it in his mouth, dropping the first one to the floor. Haru quickly finds the wet cookie and gives it a big crunch.

Seems like no one’s catching on the lesson yet.

Dad gives it one more try.

Will he succeed this time?

Find out by watching the full video here.