Survival Tips in Dangerous Situations


We live in a dangerous world. What’s making it even more dangerous is how a lot of us have no idea how to respond when faced with a very dangerous situation. Not everyone has been trained in self-defense or survival, and so basic knowledge in reacting to critical circumstances is very important and necessary for every person. Here are some tips that just might save your life when you find yourself in a life-threatening situation:

  1. Losing Personal Belongings

If somebody is trying to take  you away by force, ‘lose’ some personal belongings on the spot. If you are being pushed into a car, try to drop as many personal belongings as possible. This could help the police find you faster. However, it might be helpful to keep your mobile phone with you.

  1. Pressing Elevator Buttons

In the case of being stuck in an elevator with a criminal, press all the buttons for every floor. This trick will give you a chance to run away or signal someone. This can also baffle the criminal himself.

  1. Predicting Storms in a Beach

Beaches are prone to tsunamis and storm surges, so it is good to know when a storm is actually coming. This trick doesn’t need a weather app, because you can predict it yourself with a cup of coffee or any beverage. How? Shake any drink and pour it in a glass. If the bubbles spread to the side, this means that the weather will be good for the next 12 hours. If they gather to the center, this means that a storm is brewing within the next 12 hours. This happens due to the effect of atmospheric pressure on the air bubbles. High pressure dispels the bubbles to the edges, which means you can expect sunny weather. When the pressure is low, the bubbles stay on their original place, which means the weather can be gloomy.

Watch the full video here for more tips on survival.