Stepan The Super Irresistible Bear

23 years ago, Svetlana & Yury Panteleenko from Moscow, Russia adopted a 3-month old bear cub.

They found the orphaned cub in a very bad condition deep within the forest.

Apparently, his parents were killed by poachers.

The Russian couple took him in and named him Stepan.

Since then, they nursed Stepan to health in the same roof, fed him the freshest assortment of fruits and vegetables, and regularly gave him his favorite snack – honey! He’s seriously the real life Pooh bear.

Fast forward to today, Stepan is now one big, healthy, friendly bear. He is a surprisingly calm bear that loves being around his human family. He loves playing in the snow and can even throw a soccer ball.

It makes you wonder if it is truly possible for these feared giants to be tamed and can co-exist in a human community like this?

However, there are some people in the comments section who are not convinced and cry foul.

There are rumors that Stepan may have been kidnapped from his actual family instead of “adopted.”

Some also think that the only reason this couple are confident enough to keep Stepan is because they’ve taken out most of his teeth so he couldn’t bite.

Apparently, it is pretty common for people in Russia to keep bears as pets, and they don’t have a pretty reputation.

Watch the full video of how they raised Stepan here and decide for yourself.