Spoiled Dog Gets A Baby Brother And He Couldn’t Be Happier

Fenway was the family’s only child for the longest time – and like many only children, he was spoiled to death.

Fenway found his forever family at only 8 weeks old. He easily won the hearts of his fur parents and their worlds revolved around their four-legged family member.

One day, Fenway noticed something was off. He sniffed out his mom’s growing belly and knew something was up. Fen then developed an endearing affection to his fur mom’s baby bump and his family often jokingly tells him, “Your puppy’s coming soon!”

When Landon was born, Fenway didn’t immediately take to his human baby brother. But he definitely thought the tiny one was interesting and spent a lot of time observing Landon to see if he might be a potential playmate or maybe a partner in crime.

Now the 180-pound Fen and little Landon are inseparable. They love to go on walks together and consider everything they do as mini adventures. Snack time is also a hit for them both, because whatever Landon doesn’t eat, he feeds it to his older brother Fen.

Having Fen around definitely helped Landon grow up to be an incredibly compassionate kid as young as he is, and he has developed a deep affection for all kinds of animals.

Watch this video to follow through the adventures of Landon and Fen, or follow them on Instagram @aboyandhisdane.


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