Sometimes It’s Hard To Be A Three-Year-Old

Every parent knows children can be a handful, especially when they use the “teary-eyed” trap card on you.

This dad saw her little girl sitting on the floor looking really sad. So, he gently asks her to tell him what’s wrong.

The three-year-old obviously cannot figure out exactly why she’s sad or what she wants to make her not sad anymore. She starts deep breathing exercises to attempt to calm herself and get it together.

After a few more minutes of dad trying to help her verbalize what’s going on, the poor three-year-old eventually gave in to the tears and started crying.

Helpless, dad kept gently prodding his precious daughter to say exactly what he can do to make her happy. And he succeeded!

The wide-eyed little princess finally said she wants to watch Fragle Rock because it plays some music before the show starts and that will “make her happy maybe”.

She thought having a snack while watching a movie would be nice. “Maybe some peanut butter and jelly? You can surprise me, whatever you want me to have,” she tells dad in the most adorable way possible.

Fast forward a few moments later, the three-year-old girl is comfortably seated on the couch with a full spread of snacks on her lap, and her favorite movie playing in front of her.

“How do you feel?” Dad asks.

“Happy!” the little girl exclaims.

We feel you, hon. Sometimes, all we need is just some good food and good music to make us happy.

Watch the full video here.