Smart Cookie Decorating Hacks

Just in case you have enough self-control to not eat all of the cookie dough and bake the actual cookies, we have smart cookie decorating hacks for you.

And you don’t have to be Betty Crocker to do it!

You just need a handful of everyday kitchen items and a little bit of creativity.

Try out some of these smart cookie decorating hacks:

Glassprint Cookies

Do you have glasses with interesting bottoms just sitting pretty in your cupboard? Take them out and press them onto mounds of soft cookie dough for instant fancy decorating upgrade!


Apple corers aren’t just for taking out apple cores. Press them onto soft cookie dough, cut out the outer lines all the way to the edges and pinch the edges to form flower petals. Pop them into the oven, and voila! Enjoy your sunflower cookies!

Chocolate Turtle Cookies

This is probably our favorite and one that is definitely going to be popular with the kids. Take the oven’s cooling rack and press it onto chocolate cookie dough. Make smaller butter cookie dough balls that will serve as the turtle’s feet and head, then place the chocolate chip cookie on top of them. It’s so cute and super easy to do, too!

These tips are guaranteed to work, and some people have already posted photos of their own beautiful cookies!

For more interesting smart cookie decorating hacks, watch the full video by Facebook page So Yummy here.

Tell us what your favorite cookie decorating hack in the comments below!