Sibling Rivalry Is Real But Also Hilarious

If you have at least one other brother or sister, then you probably know how sibling rivalry was at one time the only battle we needed to win in life.

Who was the better dancer? Who gets to taste test mom’s cookies first? Who gets to sit by the window? Who gets to blow your birthday candles?

And then there were siblings who have made it their mission in life to annoy you to wits end. Pranks were a regular weeknight thing, push always comes to shove (literally), and pretty much at least one of your major injuries or cuts were caused by your “fun-loving” siblings.

We came across this Facebook video by House Beautiful that is a compilation of all the funny and annoying things siblings do to one another and it gave us major nostalgic vibes reminiscing our own fond childhood memories.

From a little baby pushing her sister off the couch so she can have the photo by herself, toddlers scrubbing themselves with peanut butter, to two seniors trash-talking one another from their rocking chairs, this video is guaranteed to make you smile and laugh at these very familiar scenarios.

But our favorite was probably the banter between the senior sisters. The younger sister screamed at her older sister saying, “What would you do without me and your husband,” to which the older one replied, while sitting regally on her favorite chair and her favorite quilt, “I’d probably be rich.”

Watch the full video here and share with your favorite sibling rival!