Rescuing An Abandoned Golden Retriever With A Massive Tumor


Henry, the golden retriever, was abandoned by his owner at a California veterinary. The vets have never seen anything like his condition and his prognosis wasn’t looking good.

Henry had grown a massive tumor that made up half of his total body weight. The tumor weighed 46 lbs and extended along the right side of Henry’s belly.

In May 2016, Chery Haughton took Henry to Triple A Animal Hospital in Huntington Beach. Haughton found Henry wandering along the seafront and was heartbroken looking at his poor condition.

But despite Henry’s difficulties, his massive tumor didn’t break his spirit. Animal Control Services officer Bailey Schomberg said that when they approached Henry he wagged his tail and gave them kisses.

With no time to lose, Officer Schomberg took Henry to see veterinarian Carla Nichols. She decided to take on Henry’s case and do all that she could to save the golden retriever’s life. However, it wasn’t going to be an easy battle given the tumor’s size.

After three long hours of surgery, the vets were able to successfully remove Henry’s massive tumor, but not without great risks for complications. In fact, when they did a biopsy on the tumor, it turned out to be cancerous.

Thankfully, the cancer hasn’t spread to the rest of Henry’s body yet.

A few days after, the police set out to finding Henry’s irresponsible owner.

You wouldn’t believe what they uncovered.

Watch the full video here to find out.