Prairie Dog Rescue Success


A guy found a little prairie dog floating around in a swimming pool, seemingly lifeless.

The poor animal had probably fallen in and didn’t quite learn how to swim yet.

The passerby immediately fished the baby prairie dog out of the water in the hopes of rescuing him alive.

But the tiny critter wasn’t breathing.

He started pinching its chest, like a mini CPR.

For a few minutes, it remained motionless, limp, and soaking wet.

As time passed, chances of it surviving were getting slimmer.

But his hero didn’t give up. He kept pinching until the prairie dog started to take shallow breaths and made small, slow movements.

He decided to let him lay down on his knee pad where it was softer than the concrete gutter. The prairie dog started stretching his tiny arms so gently, almost like he was newborn.

He then began standing up, albeit wobbly and slightly unstable, to the delight of his accidental hero.

35 minutes ago, this little prairie dog was just floating around a pool, on the verge of drowning to death. But now he’s back to life, thanks to a stranger who had a big heart who just happened to be at the right place at the right time.

The prairie dog eventually recovered well enough to run back to the bushes where his mother is probably hysterical finding where her baby went.

All lives matter. Watch the full video here to see this beautiful and inspiring story of human kindness unfold.