Poor Pup Doesn’t Understand How Glass Works


If you’ve ever seen the movie Storks, you know that birds can’t exactly tell there is glass in front of them. (Well, you probably already knew that even before the movie.)

Instead of the glass itself, they see the reflection on the glass – it could be trees, a wide, open sky, or a nice rooftop to perch on. So, they fly full-speed ahead and then bump and collide with the glass window.

But it’s not just birds who can’t understand the concept of transparent glass.

In this Facebook video that has already raked in 28 million views, a poor pup just has confusion written all over his face.

His owner dropped a small piece of bread onto a corner of a glass table where the pup was waiting expectantly. As soon as the piece of bread began to fall, he immediately checks to see where it landed on the floor. He looks around his feet but he couldn’t find it!

His face is like, “Why is it taking too long to drop to the ground?” or perhaps, “Dude, I don’t have time to play games with ‘ya. Are you giving me the treat or not?”

Watch the full video here by Facebook page Woof Woof and let this cute doggo melt your heart with the most adorable puppy eyes who yet still has to learn how glass tables work.


P.S. Beware of the comments section. Animal rights activitists are on high patrol and you don’t want to be caught by them ‘enjoying’ the pup’s “treat deprivation.”