Poor Piglet Chooses The Most Bizarre Way To Stay Warm


It is probably winter and this little piggy is feeling chilly.

There are many ways one can keep warm during winter, like drinking hot chocolate, or snuggling under a heavy blanket. But perhaps those are not exactly piggy-friendly methods.

This poor, cold, piglet chooses the most bizarre way to stay warm – heating up by the fireplace!

Now obviously this is the one chance when it’s the perfect time to say things like:

“It smells like slow roasted pork in here,”

“Shouldn’t he be wearing a spit?”

“This is the dream coming to life: Self-cooking bacon!”

“Need to turn the heat up if you want good crackling!”

While that won’t probably sit well with our vegan readers, but for the record, the little pig was keeping warm beside an electronic fireplace.

No crackling fires in close proximity to a cute babe who just might turn into some tasty dinner if there were actual logs in there.

Nevertheless, it makes for a cute and adorable spectacle.

It’s not every day you see a little pig bravely fighting the chill by standing near a fireplace. That’s pretty intelligent and impressive, if you ask me.

Watch the full video here by Facebook page It’s Gone Viral and just appreciate this cute little pig trying to make it through another winter night.