Nick Vujicic: No Limbs, No Limits


It’s impossible to not have heard about the inspiring man born without arms and legs, Nick Vujicic.

This 25-year old Australian is climbing over every obstacle life puts in front of him and does it with incredible grit and guts.

Everybody’s going through something, it’s just his pain is more visible than somebody else’s. When that clicked in Nick’s mind, it was like a bulb has been lit and he began to see life as an opportunity and that there must be something good that he can dig out of his seemingly dismal circumstance.

Life brought Nick to America and other countries around the world. In only a short time he has already become an in-demand preacher and motivational speaker.

Nick was born in Melbourne in 1982, the long-awaited first child of his loving parents. But he greeted the outside world without arms and legs, a condition that confounded even his doctors. Needless to say, it took a while for his parents to accept that their first child was going to live life limbless.

However, Nick proved to them and to the whole world watching that even that cannot stop him from living life to the full.

These days, Nick leads an incredibly busy life that he had to employ a full-time carer to speed up the process. But mind you, he still sends his own emails.

His ministry, Life Without Limbs, has now reached more than a million of people around the world with his message of hope.

Watch the full video here and let Nick inspire you to find life worth living.