Mother Cow Asks Help From Man To Rescue Her Newborn Calf


A motorist stopped to film cows cooling off in a nearby pond.

She noticed one cow, “Flo” who was acting weirdly agitated.

Flo looked at the man expectantly, then back at the fence beside her.

She paced between the man and a spot at the fence repeatedly for 5 minutes, mooing loudly, obviously trying to communicate to the human onlooker.

The other cows nearby started flocking towards Flo, understanding that she was calling for help.

Turns out – her newborn calf had slid under the fence. And it was beyond her reach.

The calf had just been born and between them stood an electric fence.

The man cautiously approached the fence to help her, but was worried she would be angry when he touched her baby.

However, Flo calmly watched on as the man tried to push the newborn calf back to her side of the patch.

The fence was giving them both electric shocks, but the calf bravely endured through it. Finally, mother and calf were reunited and Flo welcomed her calf with affectionate nuzzles.

The man quickly informed the farmers tending to Flo and her herd and together they went into the field to check on the calf.

The calf seemed to remember him and even took a few steps close to say hello.

At the end of the video, Flo even gave their human hero a sincere look of “thank you,” before finally walking away to join her herd.

Watch the full video here to watch this amazing exchange.