The Moment A Blind Girl Sees Her Best Friend For The First Time Ever


Serenity Aug, 11-years-old, has been legally blind since birth.

With the help of eSight, a company that manufactures advanced electronic glasses that restores sight to the visually impaired, they will grant Serenity her wish to truly see for the first time in her life.

Over a thousand people in Pine River School, Michigan gathered to help raise funds for Serenity’s new eSight glasses.

Jeff Fenton, eSight’s Director of Marketing was there to personally surprise Serenity with a device that will change her life.

In that crowded gymnasium, over a thousand people witnessed Serenity take her first clear look at everything for the very first time.

Needless to say it was a very emotional moment for Serenity and her family.

eSight asked Serenity what she wanted to see the most with her new glasses – and she answered a who – her best friend who lives 26 hours away.

To Serenity’s surprise, her bestfriend was actually there in the same gymnasium as her and they were finally reunited – this time with Serenity finally seeing her bestfriend Kylie clear as day.

eSight believes everyone deserves to see.

That day, an extremely deserving, beautiful young girl, got her sight back, and was able to appreciate the wonderful friends and family around her for the first time in her life.

Watch this emotional milestone for a legally blind girl in this full video here.