Military Mom Holds Her Son in Her Arms Again

Training to become a soldier takes great sacrifice, pain, and endurance. It is a long and lonely road, away from family and loved ones while being constantly faced with the future ahead.

It is a constant battle, not just in the midst of war, but even inside the barracks. We can never appreciate those who have made this sacrifice.

There are military men – the fathers, the sons, the friends who have devoted their life to serving the country. There are women as well, not just medics but even fighters.

And then there are military moms – the mothers who leave a comfortable life with their family in order to serve for the greater good.

I believe they should be placed in a different category from the rest because these brave women have sacrificed more than what is asked for.

Sadly, not everyone looks at military moms this way. While men are usually regarded as heroes for fighting in wars and serving on active duty, moms are often shamed for this decision.

Comments like “How can a mother choose to leave her children?” and “She should put her kids before anything else,” flooding Facebook posts.

Not many can understand the sorrow these mothers might have had to endure on missing their kid’s birthdays and graduations.

One military mom flew from where she was deployed, all the way to her son’s preschool and surprised the little boy with her sudden appearance. The heartfelt reunion between the two touched the hearts of many.

A warm and tight embrace was shared, as if to close the distance between them after all this time. Here we see the love of a mother for her son that cannot be extinguished by anything. We salute all the military moms out there.

Watch the full video of their reunion here.