Meet The Rapunzels of The Real World

Rapunzel is an old fairytale made more popular by Disney’s ‘Tangled’, and has fascinated people of all ages and generations. Admit it, we’ve all at some point wished we had gorgeous, long hair just like Rapunzel, maybe put on some wigs and pretended to throw it down the side of a tower while calling out our prince charming.

But Rapunzel is not anymore just a figment of a man’s imagination. Some women have actually brought this fairytale character into life.

Meet some of the Rapunzels of the real world: 

Tere Lynn Svetlecich Russel

At 45 years old, Tere Lynn has one of the women with the longest hair in the world. Her mane alone measures 6.5 feet long and her Rapunzel locks have never seen a pair of scissors in her entire life. Her 3 daughters have followed and they are now dubbed as The Rapunzel Family.

Dashik Gubanova

Dashik achieved popularity thanks to her great Instagram feed filled with photos of her gorgeous long hair. For more than 14 years, Dashik has refused to chop her hair, which today has already reached all the way down to her mid-calf and has been dubbed The Real-Life Rapunzel by her 211,000 followers.

Natasha Moraes de Andrade

This Brazilian Rapunzel says going to the beach was a torment as she spends long hours trying to get the sand out of her 5.2-foot-long hair. At home, she couldn’t also turn on the fan because her hair would get tangled in a second. Even at school, she could not practice sports because her hair was too much to handle so teachers asked Natasha’s mother to cut it. Eventually, Natasha decided to cut her hair short and sell her long locks to help build their new family home.

Watch the full video here to meet more Rapunzels of the real world.