Meet Kara, The Parrot That Enjoys Teasing Dogs

You just don’t realize how incomplete your life is until you hear a Scottish parrot.

Kara is an African Gray parrot that lives in a coffee shop in the Scottish Highlands.

Kara joins her owners for walks in the highlands and sits in a special carrier like a rucksack. She likes seeing people and animals around her. She pays attention to everything around her and tends to be very chatty!

If you should know, African Grays are the most intelligent of the parrot species. Like many Grays of her kind, Kara is also a smooth talker and mimics a lot of words and phrases that she hears in the coffee shop.

She says things like: “Good morning, how are you?” or “Who’s that knocking at the door?”

She even makes burping sounds and adds, “Oh pardon me!”

Mind you, she does this all with a slight Scottish accent!

You can also ask Kara, “Can you give me a kiss?” and she’ll make the cutest and most accurate smooching sound.

If that doesn’t make this bird interesting enough, Kara also has a peculiar hobby: teasing customer’s dogs by mimicking their ‘woof’ sounds!

I wonder how many dogs have turned their heads to search for whoever ‘woofed’ at them and be so confused to find a gray bird looking perfectly innocent.

Needless to say, she’s a very fun companion to be around and is probably one of the reasons the patrons frequent the Scottish coffee shop.

Watch this video by BBC Scotland News featuring Kara, the dog-teaser African Gray.