Meet Justin Beaver: The Most Adorable Rescue Beaver


Yes, you read that right.

The beaver’s foster mom had one chance, and she took it.

This beaver has been driving his mom crazy ever since he was rescued as a baby.

Brigette Brouillard, a wildlife rehabber, and owner of Second Chances Wildlife Center, found Justin Beaver (or JB, for short) as an orphaned baby beaver.

It was Brigette’s first time to rehabilitate a beaver. He was then too little to go out to their center, so Brigette took the little beaver in and let him live together with her family.

Like any great foster mom, Brigette tried to teach JB all the things he needed to know to be a proper beaver. He needed to be in water at least 4 to 5 times a day, and a bathtub served as JB’s makeshift pond in the meantime.

Brigette makes sure JB gets his favorite tree sticks on a daily basis. But JB’s absolute favorite food is sweet potatoes. He holds a big piece up like a steering wheel and takes little bites all around it until he gets to the middle!

Another one of JB’s favorite things is his fleece blanket. He just loves cuddling up to them and even shoves them into his mouth and goes to sleep – like a baby with a pacifier!

JB should not keep living in a house forever though, and Brigette knows she’s going to have to let him go sometime soon.

But before that, let’s look back at their precious moments together in this short video clip and fall in love with Justin Beaver, the most adorable rescue beaver.