Look What Anesthesia Made This Guy Do In Front Of His Girlfriend’s Father


A guy called Jaden has just got his wisdom tooth removed and was still pretty much under the effects of anesthesia.

Sitting on his dentist’s chair with all the tubes still attached, and a rolled up cotton sponge between his teeth, he began to do something quite surprising in front of his girlfriend’s dad.

He confessed his undying love!

Mumbling the words out, Jaden said, “Your daughter, I love her so much.”

Dad’s already chuckling behind the camera, totally enjoying this moment, which Jaden won’t probably remember when the anesthesia wears off.

The young teen goes on, “You have no idea. She is the biggest blessing in my entire life. I know, like, I’m eighteen, but honestly, I could really see myself marrying her.”

“I love her so much. And I know you’re her dad so that’s kind weird,” Jaden continues.

Now if that isn’t sweet and funny enough, dad replies, “No, it’s not a problem. We love you too, Jaden.”

Jaden adds, “I just really want you guys to love me too.”

Okay, go finish school and get married you guys! Let’s hope all boyfriends in the world love their girlfriends this much to be the ones they’re mumbling about all these cheesy stuff while they’re half conscious!

Watch the full video here to see this touching yet funny love confession from a guy under anesthesia in front of his girlfriend’s father.


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