Little Girl Wants A New Mommy


If you’re a parent then you probably already know this - conversations with kids are priceless. They are just the cutest, most honest, tiny human beings who have the wits you can’t ever take lightly.

And if you aren’t doing it already, you should always have your camera ready to document all your children’s hilariously innocent questions and statements to keep for memory lane.

Like this little girl clad in a cute, pink Minnie Mouse bathrobe for example, who we think was probably told off for taking too long to get ready for her bath.

Her mom began the conversation saying, “What did you say?” in her mom voice, of course.

Pouting her lower lip now, the girl replied, “Are you being mean to me?” to which mom said, “No.”

In the most adorable way possible, baby girl asked, “Are you happy?”

Mom replied, “Yes.”

After a few seconds of deep thought written all over her face, the little girl then said in between tears, “I need another mommy.”

Mom decided to just jump on her train and asked, “Ok, then who do you want as your mommy?”

Little girl said, “Um, Auntie Jane.”

Mom, still playing along, said, “Ok, I’ll tell her.”

Satisfied, baby girl nodded and said, “Ok, mommy.”

Mommy then drops the bomb and says, “But you can’t call me mommy anymore!”

The poor girl cannot exactly process what she just heard and looks absolutely puzzled.

Watch the full video here to see how she responds next!