Little Boy Cradles His Newborn Baby Brother

It’s a given: babies are notoriously cute.

What’s cuter than a baby then?

Well – a bigger baby carrying a newborn one!

In this video published by Facebook page Krem 2 News, there is this adorable little boy who loves his new baby brother so much that he won’t let him go!

With all the bad stuff that is happening in this terrible world, this one thing makes it all worth it.

He is just the sweetest big brother (not yet that big, really.) He’s cradling him in his arms with his face wearing expressions that look exactly like how a mother looks at her child. He even gave his baby brother tender feather kisses on his tiny forehead.

We hope this precious bond between them could last a lifetime – and lucky mom she will never have to police petty fights!

Facebook user Connie Bonner left a piece of witty and gold advice for this little boy’s parents: “Quick! Teach that kid to change a diaper while he’s still interested!”

This video has already racked up 21 million views and 9 thousand comments with everyone sharing photos of their own heartwarming cuddles between brothers as well as sisters.

Watch the full video here for your daily dose of cuteness.

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