Let A 2-Year-Old Teach You How To Make Lasagna

Ayla Jalyn is a popular Youtube channel for its 2-year-old cooking superstar, Roman’s mini cooking shows.

Roman, who can barely pronounce the ingredients properly, has successfully made many different kinds of snacks and treats such as cake, pizza, spooky popcorn, and a gingerbread man.

Roman has made a comeback and this time he’s making a good ol’ tub of lasagna!

Clad in his signature red apron, he welcomes everyone back to his cooking show and tells us what he’s making today: “Basagna!”

We love him already. He is also probably the most polite chef ever, not forgetting to say “please” and “thank you” everytime he asks for an ingredient from his sous chef.

Like any professional chef, there had to be multiple times he took taste tests to see if everything is up to scratch. The look on his face after he ate a pinch of ricotta cheese is like me eating something horrible but then your mom made it and you don’t have the heart to tell her it’s awful.

The 2-year-old completes all the layers to his lasagna and tops it off with a generous heaping of cheese. He adds his own Roman flair to his dish by adding handprints to the cheese layer, kind of like a signature.

Of course, no cooking show would be complete without the chef enjoying the dish he worked so hard for. The way Roman is eating it, makes you think this is probably the most delicious lasagna ever made.

Watch the full video here to see this cuteness overload for yourself!