Husband Gets Waxed By Wife For The First Time


Waxing is one of the most common hair removal method of choice.

It’s not a walk in the park experience, in fact many first-time waxers who have low pain thresholds don’t book a return appointment because of the pain involved.

But if you want baby smooth pits and legs and pretty much anywhere else, then you need to suck it up, honey.

While waxing is usually a procedure done by women, a brave husband thought it’d be a good exercise to get into his wife’s shoes and experience what it’s like to be waxed himself.

Husband and wife duo Team Balmert recently posted a video where husband tries waxing for the first time, and his wife is given the high honor of doing it herself!

He’s not just getting waxed at one part of his body – he’s getting waxed everywhere! And they documented the whole experience on camera.

Needless to say, he already regretted agreeing to the whole thing even before the wax strip touched his skin.

If you haven’t tried waxing yet and you’re curious how it feels like, this is not going to be a pretty first impression for you.

If you’re already a seasoned waxer, you’ll enjoy watching this first-timer get his hairs ripped off his skin – because pretty much all of us probably reacted this way on our first time too!

Get some tissues ‘cause you might cry from laughing too hard. Watch the full video here.

P.S. We need dibs on what brand of wax strips she’s using! It’s super effective!