How to Talk About Babies to a Baby


What is it like in a baby’s mind?

Perhaps you have wondered about this question as well. None of us can remember far enough to recall what we thought of as babies. Maybe there are glimpses, but nothing much that makes sense.

It has been proven, however, that children absorb he most information. The first six years of a child is enormously important since this is when the development of 85 percent of their core brain structure takes place.

This is when children absorb the most information, thus the common knowledge that a child’s brain is like a sponge. Here they pick up words and actions and meanings from their surroundings.

Jason Silva, the Emmy-nominated host of National Geographic’s hit TV series, Brain Games, gives us a glimpse of a child’s mind.

He posted a video of him talking to a wide-eyed baby listening to him talk. Jason Silva captions the video, “Throwback to when I learned to speak baby.”

Here he explains to the baby how a child is formed, using really poetic metaphors, one that people very rarely use when talking to babies.

He describes the development of a child as “somehow a piece of software melded together, fused, and then started to turn itself into a living, breathing – like a steak with a brain.”

The child listens with an awestruck expression, hanging carefully to every word that Jason Silva speaks.

We normally would not talk to babies this way. But perhaps it is time we should.

Perhaps we should tell them of how the world works in metaphors and poetry, not limiting their learning to mere children’s books but teaching them to learn with their own eyes.

Maybe then children will grow up to be more imaginative, more in love with our earth.

Watch the full video here.